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10 Ways to Combat Algae

10 Ways to Combat Algae

Algae is the bane of many aquarists’ lives, but with these ten simple steps, you can minimize and control the spread of algae throughout your aquarium! Share with us YOUR methods for keeping algae in check– comment below!

This Planted Tank is Not Going As Planned…

(How to Build a Low-Tech Planted Tank – Episode 07) – Thomas may be a experienced Aquatics Enthusiast, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune to aquatic troubles! In this video, he reveals some issues he’s having with his low-tech planted tank.
Top 10 Good Aquarium Habits

Top 10 Good Aquarium Habits

Thomas gives us his Top 10 habits to keep your aquarium from becoming a chore! Keeping up with these tasks will help keep your aquarium and its inhabitants healthy and happy! What are YOUR best habits for your aquarium? Let us know in the comments below!