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Big Al’s to the RESCUE!

Big Al’s to the RESCUE!!!

One of our local Humane Society offices reached out for aquatic help with some fish they’ve rescued. Big Al’s came to the rescue and hooked them up so their fish can breathe easy and live happily! Help out YOUR local Humane Society any way you can!
The Truth About Your Aquarium Filter

The Truth About Your Aquarium Filter…

Your filter is the lifeblood of your aquarium. Without it, all would be lost! In this video, Thomas provides crucial information and tips regarding your aquarium filter, outlining just how crucial it really is!
How to Build a Vampire Crab Enclosure

How To Build A Vampire Crab Enclosure

In this video, Thomas shows you how to build a simple yet stunning Vampire Crab enclosure! Using Hydroballs, Reptisoil, and more fantastic items, learn how to create a custom setup for your crabby pets!
Real Talk With Thomas: UV Sterilizers

Real Talk With Thomas: UV Sterilizers

Thomas talks about some of the misconceptions regarding UV sterilizers, and chats a bit about what they do, what they do NOT, and what YOU should never do with yours.
Mega-Build Update: One Year Later!

Mega Build Update: One Year Later

One year into the 265 Mega-Build, Thomas goes over some changes he’s made, some lessons he’s learned, and some successes he’s had!
Augment Your Sump’s Filtration!

Augment Your Sump’s Filtration!

This new media reactor from Seapora will help you augment your sump’s filtration, making your job easier and keeping your aquarium functioning and looking great!
Seachem’s Solution to a Safe Start

Seachem’s Solution to a Safe Start

Seachem is one of the most trusted names in aquatics– their Prime, Stability, and Clarity chemicals are used by many hobbyists. Adding these three items to your maintenance regimen will help you (and your fish) succeed!