How to Choose an Aquarium Substrate

Choosing the right substrate is crucial to the health of your aquarium and its inhabitants. Planted freshwater tanks will require something drastically different than a basic clownfish aquarium, so check out this video giving you a comprehensive lesson in substrate!

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  1. What a really good idea you have come up with, instructions for becoming a more successful fish hobbyist! I am a seasoned aquarist and am still learning as well. Much of the fish supply nowadays is much more hybridized and is raised and come to us from far away places. With different water, often with antibiotics and hormones to enhance their longevity, etc, we need to be more informed as to their specific needs and how to keep them alive and happy. Many years ago, guppies and swords were the norm, bred and raised locally. This is no longer the case. So keep up the good work!

    Y. Michalski


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