How to Build a Low-Tech Planted Tank – Episode 02

After a brief overview of low-tech planted tanks, and selecting a stand and aquarium in Episode 01, Thomas is back to talk about choosing filtration and temperature control!

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  1. Not enough media. Not the best media. I have the aqua clear 20 for my 10 gal. tank. I used at the beginning the original media but saw that after full throttle working aquarium the parameters were a bit off (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate). I started to do some digging for information from internet and found out that few things needed to be change. The first adding fine filtering after the original sponge. The second is to change the media to more suitable one. In my case I bought the Fluval Biomax (the one you have in Big Al’s 500g/1100g). Yes it is bigger but a lot more porous. Filled up to the top of the pump. Ran nitrogen cycle again. And… there it goes. The parameters stop jumping around. The level of nitrate doesn’t pass the 20 even if I forget to do the water change for a week (by mistake of course). I done the same also for my canister pumps (Fluval) because there is a difference between what they give you when you buy the pump and the boimax that you bay separately.


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