How to Build a High-Tech Planted Tank Ep 06

With a High-Tech Planted Tank comes the need for CO2! But how does it work? Why would you need it? Thomas explains the basics of CO2 and shows us what he’s using for his setup!

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  1. For many years I have made my own CO2 using dry active yeast, white sugar and warm water. I have a plastic 1L bottle, a thin hose attached to a simple pump/diffuser (which hangs in the tank). Once in a while, I run a knitting needle through to clear the stuff that accumulates in the hose opening.. Or I pull off the impeller and clear it out. Cost, maybe 10 pennies a month. This is a commercial kit, no longer available because it is simple, works reliably, is great quality and requires minimal maintenance. My plants thrive on the CO2 and so do the fish.


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