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Top 10 Good Aquarium Habits

Thomas gives us his Top 10 habits to keep your aquarium from becoming a chore! Keeping up with these tasks will help keep your aquarium and its inhabitants healthy and happy! What are YOUR best habits for your aquarium? Let us know in the comments below! (Visited 6 times, 6 visits today)

This Planted Tank is Not Going As Planned…

Thomas may be a experienced Aquatics Enthusiast, but that doesn’t mean he’s immune to aquatic troubles! In this video, he reveals some issues he’s having with his low-tech planted tank. (Visited 10 times, 6 visits today)

Learn Freshwater

How to Build a Low-Tech Planted Tank • Episode 05

How to Build a Low-Tech Planted Tank • Episode 05

Aquascaping your low-tech planted tank is SUPER fun, because it really gives you a chance to express yourself! In this episode, Thomas gives his thoughts on how to hardscape low-tech planted tanks! (Visited 847 times, 4 visits today)
How to Build a Low-Tech Planted Tank • Episode 03

How to Build a Low-Tech Planted Tank • Episode 03

Thomas breaks down some aquarium lighting terms, filling you in on what’s crucial to know, and what is really just noise. He then reveals what light he decided to use for his Low-Tech Planted Tank! (Visited 818 times, 1 visits today)
Another GIGANTIC Aquatics Shipment for Thomas!

Another HUGE Shipment of Aquarium Supplies!

Due to the high volume of video requests from all our amazing viewers, we had to put in another order of products from Head Office. Unpacking it all took some time! (Visited 408 times, 1 visits today)
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